The Victimizer


Vic left TFS in the fall of 1992 after rounds of layoffs and adjustments to TRW’s corporate regime had left many people already disheartened.  Therefore, when Sharon announced the big going away party for him,  everyone wanted to get in on the act.  Kmarx, Brian and Jim Mac designed the famous third eye Vic teeshirt (available in black, of course.)  Gloria (aka Avon Lady) wrote a Vic-themed rap song and convinced Sharon, Liz and Shawn to back her up.  Brian and Kris were such an amazing duo (Brian on piano and Kris singing) that people who came expecting “amateur hour” were stunned.  And, of course, who could forget the awesome Victimizers:  Erwin, Jim A, and Les who, with only a month of practice on the rooftop terrace, turned in a raunchy version of “Cocaine” with Nancy S. singing the lyrics from a sheet of paper.

Below is the Pixel’s article about the party.


  1. George said:

    God, where do you *find* this stuff??

  2. forumtfs said:

    In my file cabinet. When we moved from the Milvia building I saved a lot of stuff. I was one of the clean up crew. Our job was made enormously more difficult by the fact that someone, not happy with the move, jammed the second floor toilets with giant wads of TP and caused a flood that melted the ceiling tiles on the first floor and almost destroyed a row of computers lined up for the movers. Jim Greer was the first on the scene. “It’s not good,” he said as he met me at the door. A gross understatement as we slogged through two inches of water on the first floor.

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