Third Acts

Third and last act and all that rot.

I just signed a contract with a publishing company.  Unfortunately not for CodeSlingers, the Musical but who knows, maybe someday those wild and crazy slingers will tap dance their way across a Broadway stage.  DSC09894

Anyway if you’re at all interested in my adventure in publishing, check out my new blog  (At heart I’ve always been a Twissel).

Apparently you cannot sell books these days unless you’re an expert at blogging, twittering, pininterest, flickr, facebook, twellow, tweetbeep etc., etc.  Trust me, there’s an endless (and growing) list of social networking must-knows.   I don’t honestly know how writers get a chance to write.  (maybe that’s the point.  Weed out the bad writers by making them too busy learning to tweet!)

Rufus the One Eyed

Read all about me!

Hope 2013 is good to you.  Feel free to tweet me at:  @jttwissel or you can use that prehistoric mode of communication known as email:

Love to all of you.  You’ll always be in my heart.


  1. Vallejomal said:


    This is great news!!!!!

    We got confirmation for beaver creek, CO may 18 thru 25. We are hoping you, Joel and carol are up for another week together in the mountains.

    Mary alice

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hi Jan. Congratulations!
    There’s a lot of advice on social media. One of the nuggets I’ve gleaned; some people say don’t spread yourself too thin, but concentrate on a few, and get good at them.
    I’m on fb, but I don’t like it for marketing. I think you should have somewhere you can just hang with your internet friends. I like twitter; it’s good for both marketing and friendships.
    Thank you for your comment on Helga. : )

  3. Sandra said:

    Thanks for the like Jan, and the “Follow”. Are you still blogging?

      • Sandra said:

        I sort of figured that out realizing I was already following you. But, your “like” and “follow” lead to the inactive blog, not the current one. Maybe check that out?

  4. jan said:

    Thanks Sandra – t’is on my list of bugs to work out! Jan

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