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At one time TFS was doing well enough to have a library, complete with a librarian who was also responsible for the corporate newsletter.  The newsletter was called “Pixels.”  It was four pages long and contained articles titled: Employees Further Their Education, Maintaining the Company Image, New Employees, as well as excerpts from health magazines, interviews with employees, surveys, etc.  The following picture of Erwin is from a survey on healthcare done in 1992.  Apparently many folks were very unhappy with Healthnet’s policy of refusing to pay for emergency room visits if those visits were not pre-approved by your primary doctor.  (there was one exception: if you were unconscious – then you had 48 hours after admittance to get approval)

The next is an excerpt from “Mark Your Calendars!” also published in 1992

“The date for this year’s company picnic has been set for Sunday, July 24….The only other detail the picnic committee will release is that there will be a dunking tank on the premises.”

JPL, evidently planning who he will dunk first.  PS.  I love the palm tree lamp (or was it a gum ball machine?)

 I end with yet another mixed metaphor (sort of appropriate to healthcare and dunking):

You can feed a fever, but you can’t make it drink.

– kmarx 


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