All together now

The light is always brightest at the other end of the tunnel. – m. shiloh

Soon after Vic left, the president of the company announced that TFS would relocate to downtown Oakland, to the Kaiser Building where, as he put it, “we could all be together again.”

Those in the Milvia building were soon up in arms.  The Kaiser Building had rules and regulations:  no bikes in the elevators, no smoking (even with an air filter), and, horrors,  everyone was expected to maintain a “professional image,” which meant, yes, shoes.

Other complaints were:

  • No fresh air (you couldn’t open the windows).
  • No Euro-styled cafes where you could get a decent latte.
  • No place to play soccer other than the goose poop laden grassy areas surrounding Lake Merritt.

But the worst part was, not all of us would be going.

Nov 20 17:18 1992 t.tmp Page 1

WeIl, I have said good-bye to Greg, Owen, David, Sunny and Paul… (and, of course, Frank)

Watching Greg walk out the door was the hardest. He paused, took a deep breath, pushed upon the door and walked out without looking back.

Watching Frank carry out his boxes sadly and clumsily – the way he does everything was hard too.

And you wonder, “wiII that be me someday?” It is appropriately a very very cold day.

– Author Unknown

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