Love and other things

Many of us went through breakups and hookups during those final years of TFS.  Often they were public events, played out over email, in the hallways, and regrettably (tragically perhaps) over the intercom system.

At TFS anyone could use the intercom system which caused the “powers that be” across the street many headaches.  Arguably the most outrageous misuse of the system was from the least likely source, Mary Alice, when she used it to announce the arrival of her daughter’s period to the entire company!!  Then there was the person who announced their disgust with management and used the system to vent before quitting (or being fired).  One unfortunate gent thought he was on a private line and told us all what he really thought about his manager.  Another forgot to disconnect from the system before listening to expletive-laden voicemail from  his soon-to-be ex wife.  And who could forget Vic ordering people to his office!!

Where the hell are you, Jan?



Jul 1 17:45 1991

Man’s Wedding Ring, or Mans Ring, or just a Ring.

Its got the nugget look with for diamonds.

Since I never got married it never got worn,

I would like to get rid of it before it starts to

rust from lonliness.  Will give someone a good deal.

If you are anyone you know needs something like this

please let me know.

by steph


Hook ups (these limericks come from an admirer of Carol’s.  They were never on forum but they’re reminiscent of the time.)

I want it, I want it, I want it.
He told her in mime, prose and sonnet
It’s simple she said
Don’t stand on my head
Just make me a nice spinach omelet.

Can you imagine,
A mean Texas dragon?
With red eyes of green
Spurs that go “pling”
And an Englishman stuck in her flagon?

It took him two years, poor Bismark,
To sink the Titanic, his dream ark.
When he sits underneath
His funeral wreath
The moon might as well be in Denmark.

Happy New Year everyone! 

1 comment
  1. George said:

    Awesomely funny. Im happy to report that the silliness continues. Happy new year to all!

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