A Propos of Nothing

I think we’re trying to bite off too much cake and eat it too. – kmarx

Today I’m posting a few random emails.  Coming up next:

  • Hasidic Rabbis Deliver Warning on Perils of Pizza (Isan or maybe Ilan)
  • Pictures and unintentionally funny articles from Pixels
  • Layton’s Christmas musings
  • And hopefully, the Goddess string (from Carol)

From: petrov  Thu, Jun 18  13:56:13  1992
Subject:  A propos of nothing in particular..

I heard this one in 1980:

Before a Politburo meeting, an aide to Brezhnev whispers in urgent tones:  “Leonid Ilyich, look, you’re wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe.  I’ve got a car and driver downstairs.  We can quickly get you home to change before the meeting starts.”

Leonid Ilyich shakes his head mournfully.  “It’s no use,” he says, “At home, same thing.  One brown shoe, one black shoe.”

From the Hair of the Dog Chili Pepper Eating Contest:

A personal invitation (to eat a jalapeno pepper raw) was extended to JR (president of TFS).  He declined with thanks.  No “Hair on his Dog,” or should I say, “No Hair off his Dog.”  – MAL

From: carol  Tue  Sep 17 10:23:51  1991
Subject:  Re: and on top of

Thanks everyone for your review  Fri.  Brendon read them Sun.  He really liked the Ring.  As for Harley, he said “No.  Too much sex.”  My Dad read same last night, said, “They’re alright.” Said Harley reminded him of a guy he used to work with.

Guy took in a male boarder.  Said border was taking a bath, husband is gone, wife is in the back yard.

She hears the bath, comes in while the boarder is leaning over cleaning out the tub with his back to the door, of course.  She reaches for what’s dangling.

“Ding, ding, ding!  Dinner’s ready.”

Boarder turns around, she faints, husband come home to the sight of his wife laid out on the bathroom floor and his boarder buddy standing there wet and naked with a look of horror on his face.

So, that’s my Dad.  One upped me again, dammit.

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  1. Layton said:

    A propos of nothing in particular..

    Did you ever feel life was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes? – George Gobel

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