First blog

My name is Jan.  I created this blog-zone to post email strings, vignettes, and assorted stories I saved from my days working at TFS and recently stumbled upon.   I was going to send copies to the guilty parties but then decided it would be cheaper to create  a blog (but I have no idea what I’m doing so please bear with me or click away. Suggested improvements most welcome.)

I’m going to post the email strings as they were writ, minus the sometimes lengthy headers and omitting real names.  (I’m not sure I can be sued for posting something you already wrote….but you never know.)

I’ll supply a little background for each string.  If you have anything to add, well, I’ll publish any post unless it hurts some one, or sadly, their memory.

Background for Smoking ’til the Cowsills come home

Milvia was an old and drafty building.  On the first floor were two groups:  the hardware engineers and the ICR group.  On the third, most of management and the support staff.  The second floor was a hodgepodge of engineers, testers, technical writers and configuration management folks working on a variety of projects.  That floor had a maze-like quality, especially when the projects were ramping up and new hires were stacked like moving boxes in the hall.  The kitchen was in the center.  On the microwave was a sign “Your mother doesn’t work here.  Clean up your own mess!”  From the looks of things, the sign was routinely ignored. Except for the formidable Ginger, there was no support staff on the second floor to keep things in order.  It was the wild, wild west.  And that was where this smoking saga began (or so I remember but I can be corrected).


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